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Our project includes these activities:

- work with interactive (iTools) books and EDU BASE WEB system
- the creation of methodical materials
- learning English with iTools, e-learning
- cooperation with partner schools abroad
- learning English with a foreign English language assistent
- work shops of teaching English for teachers in -VYSOČINA- region
- drama education in English language - Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night´s Dream

A private grammar school (gymnazium AD FONTES) is an eight year general branch of study. It prepares its students for successful passing of maturita exam, and further studies at higher education school as well as in application in practical life. It leads its students to understand that the whole life education in nesessity.

The profile of a graduate

The programme of the school is set to offer the students a good level of academical education, the development of their talents, knowledge, skills, and as well as contribution to refined attitudes which are important in their personal progress.

The program is not one-sided. It is open and reflects the changes of the field of science and technology. It accepts moral, aesthetic and social impulses. It supports the creation of healthy life style. And so the graduate should have an open personality with awareness of the value system, the sense of belonging with society, and environment in which they live.

What differs us

- modern forms of language teaching
- different system of assessment (mark points)
- modern computer classrooms
- internet access assessment
- a quiet school without bells
- an awareness of responsibility for our planet